Solar inverter

HEPower Electronics means experience, service, flexibility, reliability and commitment. The ultimate solar inverter series and accessories make the impossible by providing smart and cost-effective solutions for medium and high power solar plants. The Power Electronics inverter topology combines the P-E experience in industrial power electronics with the technical requirements of the solar market.

Product range

HEC 1000kVA - 3000kVA 400Vac - 690Vac 1000-1500Vdc

HE 420kVA - 2200kVA 360Vac - 400Vac 1000Vdc, Extended MPPt Modular & Redundant

MV COMPACT STATION 500kVA – 3500kVA 6kV - 36kVac Oil transformer, 2L+P/V switchgear


PCS 320kVA - 2500kVA 360Vac – 460VAc 1000Vdc Outdoor bidirectional inverter

Indoor and outdoor versions