Tigo energy

roofUnparalleled Design Flexibility

  • Works With ALL Inverters, See More Here
  • Design with Uneven Module Strings in Parallel
  • Split Strings Across Multiple Orientations
  • Expandable Systems, Future-proof

Approved by All Major Inverter Manufacturers


Tigo Energy optimizes solar arrays without special requirements for system design and works with all industry leading inverters. This allows for a non-invasive approach to module-level optimization. The best inverter manufacturers in the market have all approved the use of Tigo Energy Module Maximizers with their inverters. This creates the greatest combination of cost-efficiency, reliability, bankability, system flexibility and energy harvest.





  • Module-level disconnect
  • Automatic disconnect in emergency
  • Manual disconnect for maintenance
  • Remote disconnect via software
  • Over-voltage & over-current deactivation


We are big believers that offering the best solar solution to our customers is the same as offering the safest solution to our customers

Gary Gerber,
CEO Sun Light & Power

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Photon Labs Results: More Energy

lab resultsIn November 2010, independent testing by the prestigious Photon Laboratory GmbH proved to the solar industry that DC optimizers contribute substantial gains in a variety of settings, including unshaded arrays. Since publishing the results, DC optimizers have seen tremendous growth and have become ubiquitous in residential, commercial, and utility markets. Of the various technologies tested, Tigo Energy’s Impedance Matching solution had the best results overall, further validating the efficiency of the design.

Validated Production Improvement:

  • Unshaded = 3.2%
  • Pole Shade = 20.8%
  • Horizontal Shade = 36.8%

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30% Longer Strings

longer stringsSmart Modules Enable 30% Longer Strings

  • Programmed max voltage in the factory
  • Eliminate temperature coefficients
  • NEC & IEC code-compliant
  • High efficiency, low duty-cycle design

Get 30% longer strings with Tigo Energy’s Smart Module technology. This revolutionary concept chops the unwanted part of a module’s IV curve, effectively enabling system designs with 30% longer strings. This reduces the number of combiners, fuses, disconnects, and copper home-runs required per installed kW of solar. This product is only available in our integrated smart module solution.

Smart modules:

  • Work With ALL Inverters
  • Design with Uneven-Length Strings in Parallel
  • Split Strings Across Multiple Orientations
  • Expandable Systems, Future-proof

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