V65 Series


The Power Electronics VS65 medium voltage soft starter is the safest and most reliable solution with a fully flexible and customized line-up of MV cells. Rated for applications fromfrom 2.3kV to 13.8kV, it combines outstanding design and hardware under the most stringent IEC regulations, with advanced technology motor control and safety that allows smooth motor starting and stopping under any circumstances.

The VS65 series has been designed and tested for use in the most demanding environments. With an easy and rugged user interface it allows the user to configure the ultimate motor control and safety protections that will take care of your valuable rotating assets. The VS65 is compartmentalized in 4 independent arc-resistant sections that smartly isolate the medium voltage parts from the low voltage control sections. Fiber optics communicates between the control board and the power stage offering the maximum safety and immunity levels.

Our vertical integration of production and a dedicated project department allow us to offer customized equipment such as input MV protection cells, user terminal strips, communications protocols and more. The VS65 by Power Electronics is a fully integrated, tailor made solution, manufactured and factory tested with the most reliable warranty and unique on-site technical service.

  • Highest operator safety and built-in motor protection functionalities
  • High reliability and availability, easy operation and intuitive control
  • Highest break away torque
  • Fully customisable to the most demanding requirements

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