FQA Freemaq active harmonics filter

FQAAt a growing rate, Industries and Commercial facilities are embracing new LED-based lighting, motor control devices, power sources and other non-linear loads that introduce harmonic pollution into the electrical distribution system. This harmonic current content leads to a poor power quality causing electrical equipment overload, wear and tear.

Freemaq Active Harmonic Filter (AHF) injects reactive and harmonic current to improve displacement power factor (cos φ), harmonic distortion (THDi) and voltage stabilization in your electrical distribution system. The 3-wire Freemaq AHF monitors the load current or the line current at the point of interconnection, and injects the inverse current wave that cancels the harmonic distortion. Freemaq AHF includes the most accurate dynamic harmonic cancellation algorithms offering high performance at any load condition to comply with IEEE519.

Freemaq AHF is designed to last under the most demanding environments by integrating a modular design, unique iCOOL system for 50°C operation, an easy front access for servicing, and totally sealed and conformally coated electronics.

  • Ranging from 230Vac to 690Vac
  • Modular units from 100A to 630A
  • Accurate and dynamic harmonic cancellation (THDi)
  • Power factor control (cos φ)
  • Active Voltage regulation system to support grid stabilization
  • Temperature controlled cooling and 50°C operation – iCOOL
  • Totally sealed electronics IP54 without dust filters
  • Easy front access to the main components

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