Optidrive E3 Single phase

Single Phase Input / Single Phase Output

Designed to be cost effective and easy to use, the Optidrive E3 Single Phase is for use with PSC (permanent split capacitor) or shaded-pole single phase induction motors.

Optidrive E3 Single Phase uses a revolutionary motor control strategy to achieve reliable intelligent starting of single phase motors.

Optidrive E3 Single Phase has only 14 standard parameters to adjust in its basic form. The Optidrive’s legendary ease of use ensures quick and easy drive commissioning. For the more advanced user the extended parameter set gives access to powerful additional functionality.

Typical Applications

Optidrive E3 single phase output can be used to provide energy efficient, accurate speed control of single phase motors in a variety of applications, especially fans and pumps which typically do not require high starting torque. The control method used provides significant energy savings compared to alternative methods.

Special Boost Phase

Revolutionary motor control strategy ensures reliable starting of single phase motors.

Reliable starting 150% overload for 60 seconds

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