Power electronics is pumping oil for offshore platforms in the gulf of Mexico

With the help of Power Electronics will be increased to over 150 000 barrels per day in the first stage of the oil fields in KUMAZA Ayatsil.

VSD in an ESP system.

Electrical Submersible Pumps (ESP) play a key role in enabling wells to produce oil that are unable to produce naturally. ESPs are commonly used in wells which cannot naturally raise the oil to the surface due to low pressure in the reservoir, high water cut or high pressure in the wellhead, or a combination of the three. In this case oil needs to be extracted from porous materials at a depth of up to 3000 meters, an extremely challenging feat that requires highly specialized and expensive equipment.

The technology and software in the Power Electronics variable speed drives (VSD) allows delicate and precise control of these pumps in order to match the conditions in the well. This is done based on precise feedback from sophisticated sensors connected to the pumps. Some of the problems faced by ESPs, and the necessity for exact motor control are related to constant changes in torque caused by varying oil viscosity and gas bubbles. These conditions, if not controlled, can result in stress on the motor and vibrations that can damage the ESP or even rupture the well. By precisely controlling the pumps based on sensor feedback, Power Electronics is able to maximize production and greatly extend the productive life of the ESP´s and other down-hole equipment. It also reduces operating costs, increases efficiency and maintains system integrity.

Within artificial lift technology, it is the first time that PEMEX uses a DUAL-ESP encapsulated system, even though the use of Electrical Submersible Pumps is widespread.The newly installed system has one of the motors at a depth of 2553m and the second at 2671m. Due to the long periods of time needed to remove a faulty pump, if the first pump fails the 2nd pump takes over. With this system repairs can be carried out on 2 pumps at the same time.

XMV660- maximum Precision and Safety

The XMV660 is a multilevel inverter employing cascaded H-Bridge cells on the output and uses a multi-pulse phase shifting transformer at the input. It has a typical pumping power range from 280kW to 1200kW. The XMV660 drive is available up to 5500kW with a max. voltage of 13.8kV.

Rugged mechanical design, high efficiency and power factor even at partial loads, low harmonics compliant with IEEE519, low dV/dt eliminating cable length restrictions and the need to derate the motor, are just some of the features of the XMV660.

This project reinforces Power Electronics’ market position in the Mexican Oil and Gas industry, and more specifically, in the techniques necessary for artificial lift used on offshore platforms. ​​ Pedro Berriel, CEO of Power Electronics Mexico comments on this milestone for Pemex and Power Electronics: “The confidence PEMEX has in Power Electronics verifies the success of our philosophy of Power on Support and identifies us as a brand of quality and prestige with extremely good service”

The success in this application highlights that Power Electronics is one of the leading global manufacturers of Medium Voltage variable speed drives

About Power Electronics

Power Electronics is a multinational company based in Valencia, Spain, specializing in utility scale solar inverters, LV and MV variable speed drives and soft starters, and associated power quality and control products. With over 27 years of industry experience and presence in over 45 countries, the company employs more than 1,000 people focused on unsurpassed customer service and 24/7/365 on site assistance.